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We provide you with high quality non-ferrous metal products

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We Provide Professional Supply Chain Services

Wuxi Xinfutian Metal Products Co., Ltd.

Wuxi Xinfutian Metal Products Co., Ltd.

Our main products include: aluminum ingots, zinc ingots, aluminum bars and other non-ferrous metals.Our products are manufactured strictly according to the standards and technical requirements provided by customers to ensure the quality and specification of the products.
From raw materials to semi-finished products to finished products, after three quality inspections, the qualified yield is guaranteed.
With the continuous development of business, the company's business scope continues to expand.

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Our enterprise believes that integrity and service are always put in the first place, and we believe that we will bring you a perfect purchase experience.


200+ Successful Projects, And it has a very good reputation.


We are a company with 10 years' experience in steel production and sales.


180+ Export Countries (Global)


100000 tons Annual Export Volume

Survival through quality and development through efficiency

Quality is the life of an enterprise and the goal that Wuxi Xinfutian Metal Products Co., Ltd. has been striving for.

Our Advantages

There's a whole bunch of advantages, see if you'll find them.

Reliable quality
Reliable quality

Maintaining reliable quality requires a focus on continuous improvement, rigorous testing and inspection processes, and a commitment to using the best materials and resources available.

Profession service
Profession service

Ultimately, professional service is about delivering results that exceed client expectations and adding value to their business.

Deliver faster
Deliver faster

Speedier delivery can also result in a more efficient and cost-effective operation, enabling businesses to increase their productivity and revenue.

Prompt reply
Prompt reply

A prompt reply is a key component of exceptional customer service and can enhance a business’s reputation and success in the long term.

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Is aluminum flat bar strong?
05. March 2024
Is aluminum flat bar strong?

Aluminum flat bar is considered strong for its weight and can be suitable for a wide range of applications where strength is required. The specific strength of an aluminum flat bar depends on ...

How do you make zinc ingot?
27. February 2024
How do you make zinc ingot?

Zinc ingots are typically made through the process of smelting, which involves extracting zinc from its ore and casting it into ingots. 

What is aluminum ingot and what are its applications?
21. February 2024
What is aluminum ingot and what are its applications?

Aluminum ingots is non-ferrous product that is produced by pouring molten aluminum into special molds. These molds come in a variety of sizes and shapes, and the ingots created by this variety have...

What is the meaning of A rod and B rod in aluminum?
22. January 2024
What is the meaning of A rod and B rod in aluminum?

In the realm of aluminum, A rod and B rod are distinct aluminum products.

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